Car loan calculator – Calculate your savings plan

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The resulting rate is calculated by the loan calculator. An auto loan from dealer or bank? You can find the right financial product for your new Mercedes-Benz in my accounts: Simply choose the vehicle of your choice or set a monthly interest rate. A car loan is an installment loan that is repaid in monthly installments. Make sure that you have the opportunity to act immediately – with an immediate loan decision and payment. fleshes this out

Savings calculator – Calculate your savings plan

Savings calculator - Calculate your savings plan

If you want to know what amount will be available at the end of the period, you can use the following savings calculator and try out the starting capital and the regular savings rate. Note for the savings calculator: Which savings rate should be used? As a rule, the interest income on the saved capital is determined and paid out once a year. Savings amounts that are paid within this period must then be taken into account accordingly.

This includes the calendar months in which a certain partial balance is already in the player’s account, and then the corresponding part of the annual interest is charged. The one who decides on an annual savings rate can thus control the interest rates. However, if you can only pay off the annual savings at the end of the first calendar year, you would get more interest with the monthly deposit, since your first annual rate could already be proportionally included in the first interest with the monthly deposit.

However, because it pays the most interest, contracts with a high first premium appear cheaper. If the same deposit amount is collected over the years, less interest income can be earned. If the highest possible interest is only paid from a certain amount, the saver can make a higher profit if this amount is available in the player’s account from the first day.

Note for the savings calculator: Tax consideration?

Note for the savings calculator: Tax consideration?

You can use the calculator to determine the return on your investment, including taxes, or to omit it from the calculation. Because the compound interest effect is significantly lower due to a tax deduction, the tax liabilities of many savers are settled from a less interest-bearing deposit. In this case, the building society saver is responsible for notifying the tax office of the interest income received and, if necessary, making an additional payment.

Renovation costs in the bathroom: how to calculate correctly

The removal of the wallpaper, the disposal of the old devices or the purchase of the fabric is all tasks that you can get your hands on. Material-surface compensation – In order to prevent that you do not end up with unnecessary and, above all, expensive tiles, you should measure the surface of the bathroom very carefully and buy the appropriate amount of tiles, PVC or wallpaper.

Avoiding a Disposition Trap – If the capital is not enough for the renovation, you have to think about an alternative form of financing. But before you take advantage of the costly overdraft, you should take out a private loan if necessary.